When: 12 December
What time: 8 p.m.
On-line broadcast.
Streaming platform 211 Floor

St. Andrew's Church is a special building in Kyiv - colorful, festive, cheerful, elegant, which, in our opinion, embodies the spirit and atmosphere of the city.

St. Andrew's Church - is a true perfect embodiment of the ideas of the Baroque era.

St. Andrew's is called the "pearl of the Baroque" ( the literal translation of "Baroque" is the pearl»).

As St. Andrew's Church, like the Baroque style itself, is the embodiment of the joy of life, we are looking forward to the completion of restoration and repair work that has been continuing for almost 12 years.

We anticipate to feel how the church will be filled with life and will open its doors.

On December 12, symbolically on the eve of St. Andrew's Day, at 8 pm, the luxurious baroque interior of St. Andrew's Church will be filled with enchanting baroque music. Considering today's situation, the opening will take place in online format.

The online concert "Baroque through time" performed by the New Era Orchestra - one of the best independent orchestras in Ukraine, will feature works by Vivaldi, Bach, Berezovsky, Bortnyansky.

The program
Veracini Overture No.6 in B flat major, Part I, Allegro
Vivaldi Concerto for 4 violins in B minor, RV 580
Berezovsky Sinfonia in C major
Bortniansky Overture to the opera 'La Fête du seigneur'
Vivaldi Concerto in C major, RV 114
Bach Concerto for three violins BWV 1064R
Vivaldi L'Olimpiade, Sinfonia RV 725

Kirilo Sharapov,
Andriy Pavlov,
Tetiana Andriyevska,
Varvara Vasil'va,
Daniil Gonobolin

We truly thank historians, architects, restorers, as well as our dear partner - the National Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv" for the opportunity to be part of this beautiful and significant event for all of us.

Join us in this beautiful story!

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