4th international Festival of Performative Arts Bouquet Kyiv Stage.
Venue: National Reserve Sophia of Kyiv
Time: August 27 - September 2, 2021

«ouquet Kyiv Stage 2021 is a festival projected into the future.
Nowadays the subject of the Future excites considerable indefiniteness and anxiety, specifically upon completion of the dramatic 2020, which we have endured.
At present, it is difficult to rely upon the models of the past, as the majority of them are no longer viable.
In addition, our present is so changeable and unpredictable that it does not provide us with secure support points.
We have devised a formula of the future for ourselves: it is comprised of both understanding of our past and awareness of our future.

Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2021 presents the Making of the picture of the future, entitled "The Future and the Past - We are in between" - by means of the language of art.
The art itself is endowed with the gift of sensing the future, being its herald, reflecting the future by force of different forms of art.

The National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kyiv", an iconic site in the history of our state, will host our festival and become the source of understanding our past.

We will be connecting history with modern times, various genres and styles of art, filling the sacred museum space with modern life – its rhythms, energy and technology.

Here and now, within the festival days.

1 August 2021 performance "Hello. I am Alexander Dubovik. "
Dedication to the great Master who presented the Festival with its symbol - the Bouquet.

August 10, 2021 - opening of the exhibition by Johann-Georg Pinzel and Alexander Zhivotkov "Catharsis"
August 27 - opening, September 2 closing of the Festival

Special Projects Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2021

1. Exhibition "CATARSIS"

Johann-Georg Pinzel and Oleksandr Zhivotkov
Specially created musical program "PINZEL and ZHIVOTKOV. FINAL MUSIC "with the participation of the children's choir" Schedrik "and Anton Degtyarev (electronics)

2. Performance "Barefoot Gods". Dedication to Alexander Dubovik. Music by Sergei Pilyutikov

3. Performance by fashion designer Fyodor Voziyanov "Betrothed with Time"
4. Interactive excursion "Sophia Says", the history of which will also be reflected in the performance of the same name. Director - Tamara Trunova.

5. Alla Zagaykevich's audiovisual project "City"
A project about urban space, real and imaginary landscape. Kiev - as an environment of new ideas and meanings of writers of the twenties and futuristic trends in painting and theater.

Detailed information about the festival can be found here:
https://www.facebook.com/bouquetstage/211 Floor