Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 – the festival in time of the war.

5 -7 August, Kyiv.
The theme of BKS 2022 in Kyiv was "For the sake of Life!"

Each of us totally believes in the Victory of Ukraine over the enemy.
Our Victory will surely come and it depends on many factors:
military strategy and training, powerful weapons, coordinated logistics, selfless work of the rear, international military and financial support.
«ut the most important factor of Victory is the perseverance and fortitude of Ukrainians. Yet our most powerful weapon is Love - for our country, for each other, for life!
For the sake of life, our brave soldiers of the Armed Forces defend Ukraine, putting their lives in mortal danger. For the sake of life, every Ukrainian today became a Warrior, each on their own front.

For the sake of life and our courage, we hold a Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 festival.

The festival was held in a more restrained wartime format: on closed sites, but in our beloved Sofia, without our wonderful open stage and visual art, but with exquisite music, Ukrainian cinema, exhibitions, and talks. The festival programme included 10 concerts of classical / jazz / electronic music, 3 art exhibitions, 4 public talks, 3 Ukrainian film screenings.
And the main thing is that Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 festival took place!

«ouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 was a festival of gratitude to our courageous defenders, it is a manifestation of the moral strength of the people of Kyiv, it is our step towards Victory!

Oxford, Great Britain
September 28 to October 1
"Gratitude UA to UK"
was the main message of the festival.

It was very important for us to introduce to the British the world level of Ukrainian culture, to reveal the nature of courage, indomitability and humanity of Ukrainians through the language of art, and most importantly, to express our gratitude to Britain for supporting Ukraine.

Oxford, as the city of the festival, had a special significance. Oxford is the place of birth and preservation of universal human values, which Ukraine is now fighting for the whole world.

Judging by the feedback and perception of the events by the intellectual and refined British public, the festival was a great success. We managed to preserve the multidisciplinary nature of the program. The programme traditionally included conversations, film screenings, exhibitions, and a powerful music program. Therefore, the composition of the Bouquet remained unchanged.
The festival programme included 8 concerts of classical music, 1 music performance, 3 art exhibitions, 2 public talks, 3 Ukrainian film screenings.

Visit our youtube channel to watch all the events of the festivals, both in Kyiv and in Oxford.

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