Dom Master Klass presented a new series of concerts
«Classics at St. Anrew's church».
We were so excited to announce this event!
At first, for us as well as many kyievans , St.Andrew's Church is a remarkable place, the synonym of beauty and celebration.
Secondly, we have been waiting for this to happen for almost 12 years and when St. Andrew's Church will reopen the doors we would like to salute to the moment of celebration of baroque, again.

It goes without saying lots of kyievans still remember the times when concerts at St. Andrew's Church had been performed on a regular basis. The times, when fascinating architecture will be embodied with fascinating music. To dive into this beauty once you will never forget it ever.

While creating a musical programme concept we kept in mind the meaning of Barouque word is a pearl.

As to St. Andrew's Church it is considered to be a pearl of the temple architecture, icon writing and just the pearl of our city. We were looking for exactly the same pearls in our musical programme. You will be delighted to see and listen to them.

Concert recordings:
Contrabass & Co
Percussion Ensemble Concert
Baroque through time. Opening concert of St. Andrew's Church