"Israel: Six senses of The East -2021" Festival
A concert by Taiseer Elias, Guy Mintus, Chen Zymbalista
When: December, 7th
Time: 9p.m.
Format: on-line broadcast

The broadcast will be here

Their repertoire is the mixture of jazz and world music – it ranges from marimba-arranged plays by Johann Sebastian Bach to the works of contemporary Israeli composers - Taiseer Elias, Guy Mintus, Arab composers Lebanese Fairuz and Egyptian Riyadh Mohammed el Sanbati, and those exquisite improvisations that have a Middle East flavor to them.

The Programme:

Classics and music by Guy Mintus, peaces by Fairuz and other composers.

Soloists: Taiseer Elias - drums, Guy Mintus - piano, Chen Zymbalista - marimba and drums.

Chen Zymbalista - conductor & percussionist - a former graduate of the Tel Aviv Academy of Music, has performed with leading Israeli orchestras for over 20 years, touring extensively. As a conductor, percussionist and marimbist, Сhen enchanted his listeners all over the world with his impressive rhythms, which he masterfully extracts from more than 40 instruments, sometimes playing several at a time. Chen is the artistic director of The Music Factory, a special festival that gives students from any country the opportunity to gain professional experience with Israel's leading musicians.

Taiseer Elias is a teacher, composer, master of both oriental and western music, who performs around the world, plays the udi and violin. He is the Head of the Faculty of Music of the University of Haifa, Music Director and Conductor of the Arab-Jewish Orchestra, Founder / Conductor of the First Orchestra of Classical Arab Music in Israel, Music Director and Conductor of the Israeli Andalusia Orchestra in Ashdod.

Guy Mintus is an Israeli pianist, composer and vocalist. Guy creates music that is the intersection of different streams of inspiration, which flow smoothly into each other. When the COVID-19 epidemic began, Guy launched a regular online show in which he accepted listeners' applications, live improvised and reinterpreted selected songs in his unique style, adding his own voice, loop station and the sounds of numerous toy instruments.

Phone: +38 067 546 79 52