"Israel: Six senses of The East -2021" Festival
The concert "Waves and echoes: Reut Rivka/ Maria Telnov Arber "

When: December, 16th
Time: 7p.m.
Format: on-line broadcast

Broadcasting will be here

Reut Rivka is a unique Israeli singer who I well known all over the world. Being a researcher of different styles and genres she had shown her passion to ethnic music, she became a singer of Sephard songs in Ladino and Greek songs Rebetico. Her passion and curiosity led her to learning and using different musical traditions in her repertoire - among them Balkan, Gypsy and even classical Arabic songs.

She uses all the colors of her voice just like an artist uses the palette. She describes herself as a mirror, which reflects the country of her origin Israel - the place, where East meets west, where Jewish people came from all over the world to live. Jerusalem is the city, inherited all kinds of cultures and religions, and are still developing and being prosperous, as of today. Being an extremely perceptive, as a musician, she can use her voice to describe the influence and reflection of different musical traditions, freely and excellently existing between two cultural worlds. She feels that inside of her classical tradition and colorful diversity of East has been existing together.

Maria Telnov Arber was born in 1982, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Her first steps as a musician, she first made while being a child: she played piano; she was a singer at a choir and was a performer at many local stages. Once graduating the M. Glynka Musical College with the "Choir Conductor" Diploma she repatriated to Israel ,entered and graduated the "Rubin" Academy of Music, Jerusalem "Orchestra conducting, singing and music theory" Diploma.

Maria was performing in Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Italy, Germany and France. In 2011 she was a representative of Israel at the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony in Oslo, Norway. At her musical career she is trying to stay focused as much as she can on inclusiveness and openness and trying to express the diversity of languages and culture in music she performs.

Phone: +38 067 546 79 52