" To discover Sophia" - National Sanctuary Sophia Kyivska. Series of talks .

Sophia Kyivska gives us an example of our historical, spiritual and cultural development during the times. Thus, by looking at Sophia we can understand ourselves in nowadays, learn our past and create the image of our future.

" To discover Sophia" series of talks
with scientists, historians, museum specialists, architects, archeologists, artists, specialists of restoration could be a real discovery for everyone.

Topics of our fascinating journeys:
1. Tales and mysteries from Yaroslav the Wise's crypt. Lecture-presentation.
2. Sophia Kyivska is being rediscovered by the latest explorations. Lecture- excursion at St. Sophia Cathedral.
3. The image of Iryna - Ingigerda Princess in contemporary Ukraine and Sweden.
4. Names from the Nowhere. Kyivan Metropolitan assistances XVIII — ХІХ centuries.
5. Ukrainian Orthodox Church - autocephaly and annexation in between.
6. Over the sea Pearl - the history and archeology behind the Sudak fortress, the Crimea.
7. Genoese trade factories of Northern Black Sea Coast in relations with the Golden Horde and the Crimean Khanate.
8. Golden Gate through the centuries.
9. Ivan Mazepa in the history of Sophia of Kyiv.
10. Architect Ivan Hryhorovych-Barsky in the history of the Kyiv-Kyryliv Church and the Kyiv-Kyryliv Monastery.
11. Fragments of frescoes and mosaics, being found during archeological discoveries in the estate of Sophia of Kyiv in 2019.
12. Archangel Michael - the heavenly guardian of the city of Kyiv.
13. History of the Kyiv-Sophia Theological College 1839 - 1919.

The broadcast is scheduled on the 211 Floor streaming platform.

Lecture recordings:

"The St.Sophia stories: new researches". Portraits of the Kyiv intellectual elite of the XIX century in paintings.

Sofia ceramic workshop: artistic tradition, history, personalities.

" Mysteries behind the Prince Yaroslav the Wise crypt"

"In search of Rastrelli"