During the 14 years of activity of Dom Master Klass , exhibition projects have always been a significant part of the life of our cultural center.

The palette of our exhibition projects is very rich - from exhibitions that popularize Ukrainian art and reveal new names, to projects that shape Ukrainian identity and socially significant topics.

Emotional and intellectual, experimental and philosophical.

Exhibition projects of the recent years:

Exhibition "Premonitions" by Oleksandr Dubovyk, 2022
Oleksandr Dubovyk's paintings and graphics, collected in this space, like a pulsating nerve of time, reflect the zone of turbulence through which the whole world is passing today together with us, together with Ukraine.
Works from different years, generally written during the past decades, culminate in the 2022 Phantoms graphic series.
This is a special and important series for the artist, because it was actually created to the sound of sirens and the terrible sounds of explosions during these seemingly endless months of war. Oleksandr Dubovyk never ran away or retreated from the principles of the truth, so even at this difficult moment he remained in Kyiv, his native city.
For almost a century, the artist has been exploring this world and discovering new ones. In his graphic and pictorial works, using new conceptual and plastic ideas, Dubovik manifests himself as an artist who belongs to the European artistic tradition, shares the same values and adheres to the concepts of honesty and respect for art as such.
*The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Stedley Art Foundation and the National Center "Ukrainian House"

Exhibition "Catharsis", 2021 - 2022
This exhibition project featured the sculptures of the Masters of late baroque art of the second half of the 18th century, Johann-Georgiy Pinzel, his student Francisk Olendzky, and the works of the modern Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Zhivotkov.
The works of these authors are separated by ages, but they were united by the choice of medium - this is expressive wood carving, as well as deep meaningful emotionality
"Catharsis" is an action, a springboard, a platform for reflection, a stage for personal revelations and another reason to go beyond the usual self.
This exhibition united the hands of three masters. Three visions. Three worlds that merge to form today's world. This is a state of moral purification, elevation of the soul through art, known since the time of Aristotle. It is catharsis—the driving force behind our transformation and rebirth.
The exhibition was a forerunner of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage - 2021 festival, and after the end of the festival, it continued its work in the "Catharsis" project, which included classical music concerts, art lectures and discussion meetings.

Exhibition of ceramics by Nellie Isupova "Giving Joy", 2021
Let's remember the feeling of unexpected joy... when you catch your breath from the all-encompassing lightness, when the sunlight paints your essence with multi-colored colors... This is what you feel every time you touch the work of Nelly Isupova. Her mysterious majolica radiates solar warmth and makes you fall in love with yourself. Her fantastic creatures beckon with untold paradise stories, and shoes, dresses, dishes are as unpredictable as the woman herself.

The ceramic world of Nelly Isupova gives you a feeling that makes you dance, sing and laugh, filled with happiness and love for life. This is joy poured into shapes and colors.

Exhibition "City of people: graphics of the sixties", 2020

The exhibition picked up the leitmotif of the "City of Masters" of Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival - 2022 and addressed the theme of contemporaries and their environment, the bifurcated cultural life of the 1960s: official work in parallel with work "for yourself" and a narrow circle of like-minded people.
In the collectivist Soviet reality, artists were able to outline the territory for social existence of a completely different quality. It was they who turned the city into a place of meeting, communication and interaction with "their own".
In the works of Alla Horska, Viktor Zaretsky, Oleksandr Dubovyk, Oleksa Zakharchuk, Ihor Grigoriev, Akim Levych, we see this ideology-free Kyiv and portraits of its inhabitants.
These watercolors, color and black and white drawings, sketches are clear and close - surprisingly modern.
Artists of sixties reclaimed Kyiv for the future viewers and helped us better understand ourselves and our role in the future history of the city.
Curators: Olga Balashova and Lizaveta Herman.

Exhibition "White Bouquet" by Oleksandr Dubovyk

Oleksandr Dubovyk is a kind of co-author of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival, since the symbol of the festival is the Bouquet, a modern megasymbol - a gift from the artist to the festival.
Traditionally, the second Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival was opened by Oleksandr Dubovyk's exhibition.
This life-affirming idea arose as a symbol of harmony, integrity, inner unity and the triumph of the human spirit, as a symbol of a broad understanding of the "human dimension" and faith in the future.
"White Bouquet" is a powerful symbol that unites many subject lines, eras, styles, conventions and psychological attitudes.
"White Bouquet" is a new idea. The view of the man of the Copernican era from the inside, from the earth to the outside, into space. But nowadays, with a large number of universes, thousands of exo-planets, and dark matter, the feeling of the exceptional position of humanity is disappearing, and for the first time there is an opportunity to see everything "human" from the inside. And this view helps to understand the fragility of our home and the need to preserve peace, ecology and its culture. "White Bouquet" is a security certificate of humanity!" Oleksandr Dubovyk

Exhibition projects of the "Art of Fashion" series

Exhibition "Ukramantra", 2022
Exhibition of Ukrainian mosaics on silk scarves from the BERVY brand.
BERVY's goal is to preserve and reproduce unique works of art in objects of fashion and style. BERVY products include fragments of mosaic panels painted on bus stops by famous Ukrainian artists of the 1960s.
A presentation of the research project "ART-ZUPINKA" was also held as part of the exhibition.
The research content of the project is that its author, Viktoriya Zubenko, accumulates new knowledge thanks to caring people and artists who are involved in monumental art. She searches for them all over Ukraine, interviews them in order to get as many interesting stories as possible. Materials and testimonies are recorded from direct performers.
The spiritual meaning of the BERVY project is embedded directly in the very patterns that Viktoriya Zubenko finds at stops in small towns, villages, on the roads and simply in the fields.

Exhibition "Engaged in Time" Fashion collection of Fyodor Voziyanov, 2022
Fashion collection "Betrothed to Time" continues its journey through time in the format of an exhibition in the National Reserve "Sofia Kyivska" (Hlibnya Hall)
At the exhibition, we actually encountered a special sense of time. an opportunity to feel the mystery, or even to get a new reading of new selves.
The exhibition was a continuation of the fashion show at the "Bouquet Kyiv Stage -2021" festival, and was also successfully held in Oxford, Great Britain during the "Bouquet Kyiv Stage -2022" festival.

Zinaida Kubar (ZINAIDA) exhibition, 2022
The personal exhibition of the artist Zinaida Kubar "Towel canvases", which featured author's towels made in various techniques.
The long-term study of mythologists, archetypes and worldview meanings of the Ukrainian ethnos greatly inspired the artist ZINAIDA to create a whole series of artistic works, one of the main leitmotifs of which is the Ukrainian ornament in embroidery on shirts, towels and decoration of household items. Painted, embroidered, printed or decorated - all of them are the original vision of ZINAIDA, the embodiment of her artistic preferences and outlook.

Exhibition "Inheritance of Feelings". Designer Victoria Zubenko, 2020
The exhibition featured antiques from private collections and original works of Ukrainian designers. The exposition was designed to familiarize visitors with various types of Ukrainian ethnic clothing, which was formed over the centuries and still inspires modern designers and artists.

"Admiring the currently popular hand-made trends, we do not understand that the methods and techniques of creating Ukrainian ethnic clothing, the creative and stylish approach, have been passed down almost unchanged from generation to generation - and they are priceless. The exhibition featured outerwear from Hutsul region, Lemkiv region, Transcarpathia, Pokuttia, and Bukovynia. The coats, retinues, serdaks, tsurkankas, and keptaris were impressive by their magnificent decoration, luxurious colors, and a good share of manual labor.

"The Spirit of Absence", a fashion exhibition by designer Fedor Voziyanov, 2019
This is a collection of 10 works that can be interpreted as objects of art or as items of clothing. The location of the object strongly influences its interpretation. What looks like a dress or a vest on a person or mannequin becomes a painting or an installation when placed on a white tablet. The lack of a single interpretation is only the first of a series of absences to which these works were devoted.

Each absence has its own metaphorical and physical form, which determines the spatial transformation of all existing objects. We can say that all the things presented are the result of a dialogue between absences and space and that "empty space" is not a lack of creative potential, but one of the most important arguments in this dialogue.

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