Dom Master Klass has received the grant on implementing the Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative ІІ, as international technical assistance project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

«Roadback» - a series of audio stories of people who were affected by the events of Maidan and on the occupied territories of Ukraine. People who had to make an internal choice - who they want to be in difficult situations and what to demonstrate to those around them. It is a choice to be yourself, to be Human, to return Home. Again and again.

The main feature of «The Roadback» is a kind of dialogue with the listener. The plot of each story has several parallel lines and allows us to choose what to hear the next moment. Because the opinion of the listener is as important as the opinion of the speaker.

There are 4 stories in the project:

1. Roadback to Humanity

2. Roadback to Dignity

3. Roadback to Freedom

4. Roadback to Common Sense

Creator - Tamara Trunova - Director of the Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theatre on the Left Bank of Dnipro river.

Audio performances are available in the mobile application 211Steps