"Music from the heart" is our new project as a demonstration of honor and gratitude to outstanding Ukrainian composers for their music.

Three musical geniuses - Valentin Sylvestrov, Yevhen Stankovych, Viktoriya Poleva, this year's jubilees.

Three author's concerts, in the programs of which most of the works will be world premieres.

November 20 - "Valentyn Sylvestrov"

A concert of music by Valentin Sylvestrov performed by the "Kyiv" Chamber Choir took place at the end of September in Oxford, at the Bouquet Kyiv Stage Art Festival.
This concert was simply a musical shock for the British and was a resounding success.
We were, of course, happy. But, at the same time, we still had the feeling that this concert should take place in Kyiv - the composer's hometown. A concert of Sylvestrov's music will take place in Kyiv in the sacred space of St. Sophia Cathedral!
According to Mykola Hobdych, the conductor of the "Kyiv" chamber choir, this cannot be just a repetition of the Oxford concert. This should be a new high level of performance.
To be honest, it is difficult to even imagine a higher level of music performance than what we heard in Oxford.

December 18 - Yevhen Stankovich "Liturgy"

The year 2022 marked another anniversary for world music culture. We are talking about the genius composer, a classic of modern Ukrainian music, Yevhen Stankovych.
Stankovych's genre musical palette is vast, and his music combines elitism and simplicity, folklore origins and modern sound, but is always deeply emotional and human.

January 22, 2023 - Victoria Poleva "Psalms of David"

Victoria Poleva is a famous Ukrainian composer, this year's jubilee.
Victoria Poleva's music comes down to us as if from other worlds, fills us with it and elevates us again. The composer's music subtly combines weightlessness and depth, fragility and mighty power. We expect every new work of the composer as a miracle. And such a miracle will soon happen in Kyiv!

Three partners
- Kyiv Chamber Choir, National Reserve "Sofia Kyivska", Dom Master Klass cultural center, which made it happen to ensure that the music written by the authors acquired its own life and live sound in the sacred space of St. Sophia Cathedral.

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