Dom Master Klass and St. Sophia Reserve presents

Family Christmas Circle Concert of New Era Orchestra


7 p.m.

St. Andrew's Church Museum

New Era Orchestra


Andriy Pavlov (violin)

Igor Zavgorodniy (violin)

Kirilo Sharapov (violin)

Katerina Suprun (viola)

Vladislav Osadchy (viola, Ukraine-Switzerland)


J.S.Bach Concerto for two violins and orchestra BWV 1043, D minor
A. Vivaldi Concert for two cellos with RV orchestra. 531, sol minor
A. Vivaldi Concerto for violin and orchestra in E-flat major 'La tempesta di mare', RV 253
O. Mustonen Nonet No. 2, final
J. B. Lulli March before the Turkish ceremony with the opera "Bourgeois Gentlemen"
Mikola Leontovich Carol of the bells, Pentatonix cover Transcript for chamber orchestra by Artem Roshchenko

New Era Orchestra –is one of the most successful and independent Chamber Orchestras in Ukraine, which was established in 2007.

New Era Orchestra combines traditions and innovations in its repertoire. This remarkable orchestra represents Ukraine in European music and is considered to be an ambassador of culture in the world. The development of international communication is one of the priorities in its activity.

Over the years New Era Orchestra has been presenting outstanding projects the level and quality of which contributes the image of Ukraine in the world.

Tatiana Kalinichenko is a leader and a cofounder, artistic director and conductor who initiated successful collaboration with the world class Superstars to engage them to perform with New Era Orchestra: Joshua Bell (violin, USA), Gautier Capuçon (cello, France), Sarah Chang (violin, violin, USA), Kristof Zitzen (percussion, Austria), Maurise Steger (block flute, Switzerland), Avi Avital (mandolin, Israel) and others.

In 2018 the orchestra was the first Ukrainian orchestra to perform at "Septembre Musical", Switzerland, for the first time in 73 years of the festival's existence it was a real Ukrainian breakthrough.

New Era Orchestra was the pioneer which performed the top contemporary composers in Ukraine: John Adams (USA), Philip Glass (USA), Michael Nyman, John Kenneth Tavener, Max Richter (Great Britain), Avner Dorman (Israel), Iannis Xenakis (Greece), Takashi Yoshimatsu (Japan), Arturs Maskats (Latvia) and others.

At the same time New Era Orchestra has been promoting the most outstanding soloists of the new generation. New Era Orchestra expands the boarders of impossible, changing the format and reconsidering the power of music. Innovative style and unique sounding of New Era Orchestra created a recognizable a unique image, and became its trademark.

The project is supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine and the Art Foundation Mentor Lucerne.

Due to Covid-19 regulations in order to attend an event the vaccination certificate, negative antigen test ( not less than 72 hours), as well as the full recovery doctor's note should be presented on the premises.

Wearing masks is mandatory.

Phone: +38 067 546 79 52