Festival "Israel: Six Senses of the East -2021"
November 30th – December 16th
On-line Broadcast

It is the second Festival being dedicated to the Israeli refugees from Arabic countries and Iran, which was organized by Dom MK, Embassy of Israel in Ukraine-Israel in Ukraine and Ministry of Tourism of Israel.

Six on-line events will immerse us deep through the creativity into that part of Israeli culture, which is not, unfortunately, being in a spotlight of attention in the countries of Europe- Jewish culture of Sepharads, who escaped the Arabic countries. All events within the Festival will be based on the theme of the world exploration with the help of senses that are essential: taste, smell, vision, hearing and touch.

The programme:

The festival is to be opened with the Documentary:"The Arabic film" which is about the cultural heritage, nostalgia and the culture of Middle East.

At the beginning of December we will try the Flavor Mix – the culinary master class with Israeli chef Eiton Doron.

According to our plan the next event is an open and sincere talk between two young writers: Israeli and Ukrainian about creativity being different from voyeurism, how research is different from recreation of stereotypes and how you supposed to be writing about the heroes and culture which is not native to you.

We are not going to skip a selection of short animated films which were shoot by students of The Leading Israeli University of Arts – Bezalel Academy The next event is going to be the on-line tour around today's Jerusalem. We are going to hear the story about this city, spiritual connection between the various religions, touristic spots as well as mystery, faith and culture of Jerusalem.

And for the desert- The Ways and Echoes – musical performance telling its story with the help of a sound.

We cordially invite you to this unforgettable on-line tour!

The streaming platform 211 Floor will broadcast all the Festival events.

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