Publications during the time of the war.

From the first days of Russia's war of aggression with Ukraine, Dom Master Klass has joined the resistance on the cultural front, bringing our victory closer every day!

The project gathered conversations, lectures, discussions and publications of a future wartime book.

Conversation with psychotherapist Alexander Filz

Psychotherapist Alexander Filtz on the anxiety and uncertainty of today's war, information as a new religion, as well as - on catharsis and the prospect of creating a new philosophy of mankind

"Battle for Kyiv". Leonid Zaliznyak

One of the important pages in modern history will be a thorough work on the war by Ukrainian archaeologist and historian Leonid Zaliznyak. These pages are written under the impression of dramatic events, which the author of these lines observed from Kyiv besieged by the Russian occupiers in February, March, April 2022. Publications of Leonid Zaliznyak's forthcoming work "BATTLE FOR KYIV" can be read at the following links:
Part one: Critical week
Part two: Kyiv is not extinct, it is lurking
Part three: "Russian world" as a kind of neo-Nazism or who and why should be denazified
Part four: Historical origins of the imperial aggression of Russian neo-Nazis.
Part five: Escape of orcs from the outskirts of Kyiv. Victories and defeats in the South.

Sophie Oksanen about the war in Ukraine.
For several years now, Ms. Oksanen has been convinced that the history of the world is being created here in Ukraine, and the fate of Europe is being decided in our backyards. Now that this certainty has become a global trend, we have asked Ms. Oksanen to share her thoughts on the war in Ukraine.

"War and Around: Stories of Difficult Times"
Literary conversation-discussion of famous Ukrainian writers from the Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2021 festival - "War and around: stories of difficult times".

"Don't turn away from the future"
The conversation between Yevhen Utkin and Fyodor Vozianov "Do not turn away from the future", which was recorded on the eve of the war and now has a special response in each of us.