At any time under any circumstances there is always time for good news. We would like to share some with you.

The Ministry of culture of France has decided to give Evgen Ytkin the title Shevalier of the Order of Arts and Music( L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) –one of the most honorable French awards to prominent persona's in culture.

This award is an acknowledgment of a personal input persuit into popularization of the contemporary French culture in Ukraine and the development of French-Ukrainian cooperation.

We 've been thrilled and proud for Evgen who has received a special gratitude and acknowledgment from an international organization.

As well as Evgen's achievements in popularization of French culture in Ukraine, we also would like to remind that Evgen Utkin supports our own Ukrainian CULTURE:

Establishment of Ukrainian Cultural Centre "Dom Master Klass" and International Festival of Performing Arts "Bouquet Kyiv Stage", a gift to the city of Kyiv.

Long term support of such a well known cultural projects as Gogol Fest, Film Festival "Molodist", Internatioan Festival "Jazz in Kyiv".

Probably he was right the one who said: " Big is seen at a distance"

But we have a hope and expectations that this Big will become obvious now.

The culture will become the modern Ukrainian trend. Evgen Ytkin will get his dream come true – to create one of the most grandioso Ukrainian cultural hub – the place for creative people where high technologies and high arts, right and left human semi spheres, algebra and harmony unites.

Our sincere congratulations to Shevalier of the Order of Arts and Literature with his award and wish to keep his faith strong into great power of art.


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