Art exhibition "Free City"Opening

Free City is an art panel created by 50 the most famous artists of Georgia in February-March 2023 as an artistic expression of support of Ukraine

On May 28, on Kyiv Day, a large-scale art exhibition "Free City" will be opened in the very heart of the capital, in Sofia Kyivska.
Free City is an art panel created by 50 of the most famous artists of Georgia during seven weeks in February-March 2023."Free City" is an artistic sign of support for Ukraine by Georgian artists and their sincere admiration of the heroic Ukrainian people.Acquaintance with the artists, the authors of the works, took place during the Bouquet Kyiv Stage in Tbilisi, when the participants and organizers visited the gallery of Georgian artists.
It was an unforgettable meeting!
50 artistic masterpieces greeted Ukrainian guests from three huge canvases, the walls of the gallery seemed to breathe with powerful unconditional support of Ukraine and sincere love of Ukrainian people.It was then that Georgian artists had the idea to present an art panel in Kyiv, to bring the "Free City" to the free city of Kyiv.
On May 28, Kyiv Day, paintings written by Georgian artists from the heart will be presented in the very heart of the Ukrainian capital - Sofia Kyivska.
At the opening of the exhibition, the concert "Striving to the Light" will be performed by the Kyiv Choir, which premiered in Tbilisi at the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival in April 2023.
The programme of the concert " Striving to the Light" includes the works of prominent Ukrainian composers, written during the war in Ukraine in 2022-2023.
We cardialy invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Free City" and a concert performed by the Kyiv choir!
Concert programme:Valentin Sylvestrov"In Memoriam"(Lacrimosa, Holy God, Requiem acterman, Agnus Dei, Elegy, Lacrimosa, Our Father)Anna Havrylets"Choral" (2022)(Prayer without words)Victor Stepurko"The answer is simple" (2023) (premiere) (diptych on the poem by O. Trokhymenka - Summer of misfortunes, Song of the desert)Ivan Nebesnyi"Remembering" (2023)(Choir cycle based on Ukrainian prayers)1. Prayer of morning intentions2. Warrior's prayer3. Prayer to the Guardian AngelVictoria PolevaPsalm 90 of David"Alive with the help of Almighty"Gia Kancheli"Lullaby of the Sun" (for choir, Vibraphone, Percussione)V. Hrytyshyn"Oh, there is a red viburnum in the meadow"G. Havrylets"Prayer"
To get to the event, you need to buy an entrance ticket.Price: full ticket - 90 UAH, discount ticket - 40 UAH.





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