Opening of exhibition by The War Fragments Museum at EBRD in London

A public talk with the author of the "Front Palette" exhibition Oleg Bazylevych

"Spiritual Concert" by Myroslav Skoryk. Chamber Choir "Kyiv"

"Melody" by Myroslav Skoryk

Valentyn Sylvestrov Cantata No. 9 based on poems by P. Tychyna and V. Sausyura (world premiere)

Valentin Sylvestrov "Quiet music" for strings

Valentyn Sylvestrov Cantata No. 11 based on poems by S. Maidanska and V. Shpak (world premiere)

Valentyn Sylvestrov Cantata No. 12 based on a poem by T. Shevchenko

"Quartet findings" project. Performed by the NotaBene String Quartet

Quartet findings. Oleksiy Shmurak's lecture

Victoria Poleva. Music for the ballet "Mirror, Dreams, or Little Life"

Charity concert
"Touch of an Angel"
National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyiv Camerata" / Colin Carr

Valentyn Sylvestrov Cantata No. 8,
Fragment of a concert at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine

Valentyn Sylvestrov "Serenade for Strings". Kyiv Chamber Orchestra, conductor - Natalia Ponomarchyk

Concert-lecture "Melodious noise". Lecturer - Oleksiy Shmurak, electronics - Oleksiy Podat'

David SakvarelidzeThe conversation under the Ash Tree.
Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

Concert-Play"Earth - Song"Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

The play "In the Dark"
Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

"Resistance"Exhibition by Oleksandr DubovykBouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

I will say: "Ukraine"...
Inna Galatenko (soprano)/
Oleg Bezborodko (piano)
Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

Music of silver tones/ Moments and bagatellesYevgen Gromov (piano)Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

"Impression and Expression"
Lizi Ramishvili (cello, Georgia), Maria Klymenko (piano, Ukraine)
Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

"Chervona Kalyna"A Memory Action in commemoration of Ukrainian artists who perished in the warBouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

Camerata 30!
Dedicated to Valery Matyukhin. National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyiv Kamerata"
Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

"Psalms of David" by Valentyn Sylvestrov. Chamber Choir "Kyiv"Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

Igor Kozlovsky. The conversation under the Ash Tree. Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023

Agnus Dei.
Myroslava Kotorovich (violin) / Susanna Chakhoyan (soprano)

Exhibition Free City. Art Panel of 50 outstanding artists of Georgia in support of Ukraine

Concert “Ukraine + Sakartvelo. Side by side”Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023 in Tbilisi

Online concert "Psalms and Prayers". In memory of Hanna Havrylets

Musical performance to the music of Victoria Poleva "Transforma"

Online concert " Victoria Poleva "Psalms of David" “Music written from the heart” Project.

Online concert " Evgeny Stankovych "Liturgy". Chamber Choir "Kyiv" “Music written from the heart” Project.

Online concert "Music written from the heart. Valentin Sylvestrov"

Meeting with Oleksiy Bobrovnikov -the hero of the project "Warriors of the World - Warriors of Light”.

Angel's touch. Bohdana Pivnenko / Oksana Yaremchuk / Zoltan Almashi

Waiting for the Light concert
Online concert in St. Sophia Cathedral on the holiday of Easter

Don't turn your back to the future. A conversation between Yevhen Utkin and Fyodor Vozianov

Bouquet Kyiv Stage

Bouquet Kyiv Stage Promo

Lecture “The Ukrainian language in the graffiti of Sophia of Kyiv”

Conversation “Under the Tree of Life” with Oleksandr Zhivotkov

Online lecture "Kyiv inspiration of Mykhailo Vrubel"

Valentyn Sylvestrov "Bagatels - XII"/ Oleg Bezborodko (piano)

Lecture “Mysteries and riddles of St. Cyril's Church in Kyiv”

Diana Klochko's lecture "How the Brush changes. Here and now"

Concert of music by Valentin Sylvestrov

"Baroque through the ages". Opening concert at St. Andrew's Church

Two Generations Together/.Bach / Purcell / Handel

Lecture “Marcel Duchamp. Salt seller”

Lecture “20th century: canon and outside the canon/Rudyard Kipling”

A conversation with Oleksiy Nikitin about the novel "Bat-Ami" . The final meeting

Two Generations Together. Mozart / Brahms

Lecture “Art... Before and After Duchamp” by Oleksiy Belyusenko

A conversation with Oleksiy Nikitin about the novel "Bat-Ami".The third meeting

A conversation with Oleksiy Nikitin about his new novel "Bat-Ami". Meeting a friend

A conversation with Oleksiy Nikitin about his new novel "Bat-Ami". The first meeting

Concert of vibraphonists

Yevhen Gromov's Christmas music album

Christmas . "New Christmas"

Nazgul Shukaeva "Hallelujah"

Classic in Khlibnya

South Spaces concert/ Konstantin Tovstuha

VOZIANOV. Exibition “The spirit of absence”

Classic in Khlibnya/ Oleg Bezborodko

Ancient musicEvgeny Gromov (piano)

Bouquet Kiev Stage





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