Concert-lecture "Seaside sound"

Concert in occasion to the International Children's Day

Concert "Psalms of David" by Vita Poleva

Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York USA

Lecture at the New York Public Library

Concert "Svyatoslav Lunyov's Mardongys"

Concert " In Loving Memory of Hanna Havrylets"

Theory of everything: lecture by Oleksiy Shmurak / concert by Timysh Melnyk

Front Palette
Exhibition closing

Sacred Shevchenko: Stankevych, Skoryk, Sylvestrov
Chamber Choir "Kyiv"

Exhibition "The War Fragments Museum" at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London

"Front Palette" Exhibition
by Oleg Bazylevych

"Spiritual Concert" by Myroslav Skoryk.
Chamber Choir "Kyiv"

Quartet discoveries: Oleksiy Shmurak's lecture / NotaBene string quartet concert

Concert "Holy Night"
Chamber choir "Kyiv"

Music for the ballet "Mirror. Dreams, or a small life" by Victoria Poleva

Svyatoslav Lunyov. The Noel Consort. Christmas carols

Concert "La Folia" of the National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyiv Camerata"

Charity concert "Angel's Touch".Featuring British cellist Colin Carr

Valentyn Sylvestrov. Kyiv Chamber Orchestra

Concert-lecture "Melodic Noise"

"Masters of French Harpsichord".Concert by Svitlana Shabaltina