22 - 25 JUNE, 5.30 - 8 P.M. | BOOK ARSENAL

The exhibition "Eye of the storm"

The exhibition of the Ukrainian-Israeli book illustration "Eye of the Storm" will be held as part of the 11th Book Arsenal

Opening of the exhibition of Ukrainian-Israeli book illustration "Eye of the Storm"
The exhibition of the Ukrainian-Israeli book illustration "Eye of the Storm" will be held as part of the 11th Book Arsenal.

The opening will take place on June 22 at 5:30 p.m. with the participation of Ukrainian children's book illustrators Ivan Kravets, Maksym Palenko and curator Nadia Antonets.

Location: Lecture hall.

The eye of the storm is a point of stillness within a super-powerful wind that kills everything on its path.
A children's book became the eye of the storm in the maelstrom of a full-scale war. We take it to the bomb shelter to be a shelter and support. It accompanies us in the evacuation, to be a warm memory of the home to which we will return one day.
"Eye of the Storm" is a joint exhibition of Israeli and Ukrainian illustrators of children's books.
Most of the Israeli participants are Ukrainians, graduates of Ukrainian art universities. In a whimsical way, another point of intersection with Ukrainian colleagues was the common experience of life and work during the war.
In times of storms, it becomes crystal clear - everything matters - joint reading with parents, the first pages read, waiting for the next part of the book. In this we find a point of peace and strength to go on.

Curator - Nadia Antonets.
Participants: Genadiy Arkulis (Israel), Orit Bergman (Israel), Yevgenia Haydamaka (Ukraine), Olga Degtyareva (Ukraine), Drachkovska Oksana (Ukraine), Raaya Karas (Israel), Shira Korah (Israel), Ivan Kravets (Ukraine ), Hrasya Oliyko (Ukraine), Maksym Palenko (Ukraine), Lilia Soga (Israel), Omer Hofman (Israel).

Organized with the support of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine.
The partner of the event - Dom Master Klass.





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