“The War Fragments Engagement Campaign”

Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI III)

On February 24, 2022, at 5 a.m. russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine with land, sea, and air attacks. russia is bombing Ukrainian cities daily, hitting hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and other civilian facilities. Information war and real war are combined, and it is not yet known which part will play the leading role. Almost all rhetoric in russian mass media is anti-Ukrainian.
There is no end in sight, and russia’s most recent actions even point to an intensification of the fight. As a result, there is a danger that international attention to the war will fade, making it harder for Ukraine to sustain its resistance and ensure its democratic future. In addition to fading attention and morale. To simultaneously promote Ukrainian resilience and provide support for Ukraine’s media and art UCBI will collaborated with NGO DOM Master Klass to engage international audience through an innovative experience that transform: artifacts of war into art in order to raise money for the brave and currently underserved civilian population. NGO DOM Master Klass creates and develops high-level, innovative cultural and educational products experiences that promotes Ukrainian stories of heroic resistance and democratic resilience worldwide.
Through this activity, UCBI III will support the establishment of The War Fragments Engagement Campaign, which will collect unique artifacts from all over Ukraine. These artifacts will come from defenders, actors, politicians, musicians, residents of the occupied territories, outstanding personalities, and people who have incredible stories about resilience and survival that need to be spread around the world. The online digital museum will display hundreds of such artifacts turned artwork that will be put on auction to raise funding for specific humanitarian charities.





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