TOP of the best events of Ukrainian classical music in 2022

Our Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival in Kyiv and British Oxford was included in the TOP of the best Ukrainian classical music events of 2022 according to Radio Kultura and Ukrainian Pravda.Zhyttya.
The whistling of rockets, the buzzing of "shaheeds", artillery volleys, the sounds of explosions... This is not the kind of music we expected to hear in 2022. Due to the full-scale war, Ukrainian musicians faced new challenges. Someone exchanged concert halls for trenches, and a violin and a bow for a howitzer. Someone had to go abroad, and someone stayed in Ukraine with its wartime realities.
Despite the large number of losses, the academic music world received a new lease of life. Ukrainian music is getting rid of the halo of inferiority. Chamber music caught the wave of popularity during the war. Ukrainian musicians successfully perform abroad.
The Bouquet is Ukrainian and international. Like the previous two pandemic years, the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival faced new challenges. One of the locations of the events remained unchanged - the territory of the "Sofia Kyivska" National Reserve.
Registration for events here was completed almost with a cosmic speed - not everybody who wanted could get to the festival concerts.
The main events of Ukrainian classical music were analyzed for UP.Zhyttya by Natalka Pysanka, columnist of Radio Kultura.
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