Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023in Georgia

This year, on April 28-30, Bouquet Kyiv Stage will take place in Georgia, in Tbilisi

For our cultural centre Dom Master Klass , its creative brainchild, the Ukrainian Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage, is a special, cherished project. It is a living organism that grows, develops, improves.
With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the russian federation into Ukraine, the festival expanded its mission and its borders. That is why in 2022 Bouquet Kyiv Stage was successfully held in Oxford (Great Britain).
This year, on April 28-30, Bouquet Kyiv Stage will take place in Georgia, in Tbilisi!The festival web-site 
Every new festival is a new challenge, even for organizers who think they are already experienced. Holding a festival in another country is not just a challenge, but a completely new experience.
Holding the Bouquet Kyiv Stage in Georgia is also a big responsibility for us, because the people of this country wholeheartedly support and cheer Ukraine, moreover many Georgian worriers are fighting on the battlefields for Ukraine despite the pro-Russian government's position.
We are sure that our festival will support the spirit of freedom of the Kartvelo people, that is what freedom-loving conscious Georgians call themselves, and will also be an expression of gratitude to the people of Sakartvelo for their support of Ukraine.The entire programme of Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival in Tbilisi - music, exhibition projects, theatre performances, film screenings, public talks - will represent our reality - the war in Ukraine, and will also reveal the originality and richness of Ukrainian culture. Art projects will be created in collaboration between Ukrainian and Georgian artists.





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