The Announcement of the Ukrainian Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022

Despite the war time, Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 Festival will take place! On August 5-7 in Kyiv, in a traditional and favorite place - Sofia of Kyiv. From September 28 to October 1, for the first time in the history of the festival, we will present our large-scale multidisciplinary festival outside of Ukraine - in Oxford, Great Britain.

The theme of this year's Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 festival will be "For the sake of life". The festival will be held in a more restrained wartime format, but also with exquisite Ukrainian music, cinema, exhibitions, excursion program and philosophical, literary and artistic panels under the ash tree. "For the sake of life, our brave soldiers defend Ukraine, exposing themselves to mortal danger. For the sake of life, every Ukrainian man or woman today also became warriors - on their fronts. Despite everything, for the sake of life and our indomitable spirit, we held the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival — as a gratitude to all our defenders. This is our way to Victory!"

Oxford, Great Britain
The main message of Bouquet Kyiv Stage in Oxford is gratitude to Great Britain from Ukraine - Gratitude from UA to UK. Oxford was chosen as an iconic location for the festival. This is the city of free thought and free speech, the place of origin, establishment and preservation of democratic and universal values, which today Ukraine chooses for the whole world.

Bouquet Kyiv Stage will take place from September 28 to October 1 in iconic Oxford venues such as the Sheldonian Theatre, Christ Church Cathedral, St.Michael's Church, Holywell Music Hall, Trinity College and Oxford Town Hall and will include seven classical music concerts, an 85th anniversary celebration concert of the music by composer Valentin Sylvestrov, photo exhibition "War", film screenings, musical performances and discussions.

"Great Britain was one of the first countries in the world to clearly and uncompromisingly state its’ position in the unprovoked brutal war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. From the first day of the war, Great Britain has provided Ukraine with invaluable support.
The Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival in Oxford is an expression of gratitude to all the British people!
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