Ukrainian Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage

The festival is a gift to the city that introduces a wide audience the examples of high art. Art as a universal language of intercultural communication. The festival emphasizes Ukrainian cultural content as a part of world culture, combines art and the latest technologies into a single cultural phenomenon.
About the symbolThe symbol of the festival is the Bouquet, a modern megasymbol created by the outstanding Kyiv artist and philosopher Oleksandr Dubovyk. A bouquet is a symbol of harmony, integrity, inner unity and the triumph of the human spirit.
About the locationThe festival takes place in a landmark place for Kyiv and Ukraine – St. Sofia Kyivska.Entrance to the festival events is free.
About the programMusic is the core of Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival. These are the best samples of Ukrainian and world classical, modern academic, jazz, electronic and experimental music.Visual Arts - art and photo exhibitions, Cinema, Theater, Ballet, Interactive programs for children and the elderly, Theatrical Excursions, Discussions with opinion leaders "Conversations under the ash tree" are the mandatory components of the festival programme.
HistoryBouquet Kyiv Stage 2018The first festival was held with great success and loud resonance. It was evidenced by more than 40 events, more than 230 Ukrainian and foreign participants from 12 countries, 15 panel discussions with opinion leaders, 25 video installations and tens of thousands of enthusiastic viewers!
● Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2019. Theme of the festival: Sounds of the city. The sound image of the city is one of the basic orientations of the inhabitant in the space. Enjoying life here and now is impossible without careful listening to the environment. And it was a conscious meeting with him that was presented by the Second Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival, whose focus theme we chose precisely the sounds of the city. Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2019 showed extraordinary support of the Ukrainian public and growing popularity: more than 30,000 people visited the festival, more than 76 events took place. More than 300 musicians took part in the festival, including 14 world headliners and 5 orchestras. More than 280 pieces of music were performed during the festival. There were 23 panel discussions with opinion leaders. We are grateful for the support of more than 40 partners and 600 media publications covering the events of Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2019.
● Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2020. Life goes on! ― the leitmotif of the festival, which broadcasted our optimism and hope, faith in ourselves and each other; willingness and dignity to accept new challenges as a response to the global Covid 19 pandemic.Theme of the festival: City of Masters. This time we focused on individuals - those masters who once created and today are still creating the image of Kyiv and other most beautiful cities in the world. We call the most talented, the most devoted to their ideas and the most persistent masters. The festival presented the work of Mykhailo Bulgakov, Maria Priymachenko, Borys Lyatoshinsky, Bogodar Kotorovich, Vadym Khrapachov, Oleksandr Dubovyk, Roman Balayan, Valentin Sylvestrov, Victoria Poleva, Maryana Kiyanovska.
● Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2021. Theme of the festival: "The Past and the Future -We are in between". The topic of the Future caused the greatest uncertainty and anxiety for everyone, especially after the dramatic 2020. It is difficult to rely on the models of the past, because most of them no longer work, and the present is so changeable and unpredictable that it does not give us ant kind of support. For ourselves, we made a formula for the future: understanding our past and realizing the present. The Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2021 festival is about writing a picture of the future "The Past and the Future -We are in between "- by the language of art.
● Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 is a wartime festival Kyiv. Theme of the festival: "For the sake of Life". For the sake of life and our indomitable spirit, we, despite everything, held the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival — as a gratitude to all our defenders. This is our way towards Victory!This year the festival was held in a more restrained wartime format. The three days of the festival brought together artists, whose programs, full of individual feelings and reflections, were born and created during those months of war. During the war, holding the festival is especially important – to strengthen our spirit, faith in victory, for the sake of life now and after our victory.
Oxford. Great Britain. Theme of the festival: "Gratitude from UA to UK". For the first time in the history of the festival, it took place outside of Ukraine, in the city of free spirit and history - Oxford, Great Britain.Most importantly, we wanted to express GRATITUDE from Ukraine to the British people for their constant and invaluable support in the war. And also to introduce to the British public the best works of Ukrainian music, cinema and art. Using the language of art to reveal to the British the courage, freedom, dignity, humanism and patriotism of Ukrainians.





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