Art Festival "Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023"

Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 17-20 August, Kyiv, 2023 St. Sophia Museum Walk and ye shall reach !

Walk and ye shall reach!
Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 202317-20 August, Kyiv, St.Sophia Museum It has been 18 months since the beginning of our fateful path leading to Victory.  Eighteen months have been a dramatic long road full of losses and pain, rage and uncompromisingness, but at the same time, unity and unbreakability, humanity and mutual aid and most importantly- unconditional Faith in Victory. However, the most responsible part of our path to Freedom as well as a turning point in our history, is only ahead of us. Our path to Victory is not a high-speed sprinting but rather a long-distance marathon race, the total distance of which is 603,628 km². Marathon runners know well that the last kilometres are the hardest as running becomes exhausting, both physically and mentally. Although the road may seem endless, it is the belief in victory that gives the marathoners strength to overcome the last crucial distance leading to the finish line. For Ukrainians, it is currently most significant not to give up but to continue our path despite anything, to remain mighty, united and confident in their mission to liberate the modern civilized world from the mediaeval barbarism of raccism. On our cultural front we endeavour to follow this path. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have stood side-by-side with the artists who have been working hard during these 18 months of war. Our co- fighters at the cultural front - composers, musicians, actors, artists, and filmmakers did not deviate from our path at any time, and during these terrible 18 months of loss and grief, they created many inspiring and life-affirming projects, which are vital for Ukraine and for the whole world Our spirit and faith in the Victory of the Light were strengthened along with the artists and the audience, and we witnessed that culture is now of primary importance, which became more palpable than ever. That is why the sixth festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage will undoubtedly take place, being held for the second time during the war!  Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023 is:  - a Bouquet of artists - our “brothers in arms” at the cultural front, - a Bouquet of art projects created on our path to Victory, - The unity of Ukrainians through art, their living experience of war, and their Faith in the victorious power of Light over darkness.
To get to know about the Festival via the festival web-site Being strong-willed, united, and unstoppable we will conquer our way to Freedom and Victory.Walk and ye shall reach !





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