Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022, Kyiv

Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 5-7 August, Kyiv, 2022 St. Sophia MuseumFor the sake life!

For the sake of life!
Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 20225-7 August, Kyiv, St. Sophia Museum Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2022 is a wartime festival.
For the sake of life and our indomitable spirit, we, despite everything, held the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival — as a gratitude to all our defenders. This is our way towards Victory!
This year the festival was held in a more restrained wartime format. The three days of the festival brought together artists, whose programs, full of individual feelings and reflections, were born and created during those months of war. During the war, holding the festival is especially important – to strengthen our spirit, faith in victory, for the sake of life now and after our victory.
More about the festival
The events of the festival:Telniyk: Sisters
Dedication. Bohdana Pivnenko violin / Anna Khmara piano
The practice of Renaissance Performative poetry. Discussion under a 200-year-old ash tree
I found the answer. Olya Chernyshova and Root Fruit Combo
Chamber anniversaries. Ihor Zavhorodniy / Yevhen Gromov
"For the sake of life". Discussion under the Ash tree with philosophers, intellectuals and artists.
Concert Lullabies Nazgul Shukaeva trio
National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyivska Camerata"
Reconstruction. Anton Degtyarev
"Sounds of the city." Conversation under the ash tree: Serhiy Koshman, Valery Pekar and Serhiy Krutsenko.
Concerto for 2 harpsichords. Olga Shadrina – Lychak / Paola Prokopenko
"Between Therapy and Trigger: Art at War".
Yevgeny Stasinevich's conversation with social and military psychologist Oleg Pokalchuk.
Archangel's voice. Ensemble of classical music named after Borys Lyatoshynskyi
Warriors of the World - Warriors of Light. Portraits. The film is dedicated to foreign legionnaires who defend Ukraine.
Meeting with one of the heroes of the project "Warriors of the World - Warriors of Light. Portraits" by Oleksiy Bobrovnikov





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