The charitable and cultural marathon "Remember"

In recent years, we have been accustomed to poor ecology and even global climate change is not so frightening for us anymore. After all, human memory has a special characteristic: to reject negative, sometimes tragic events of life, plug in a defense mechanism that allows you to forget the unpleasant, and continue to live your life. Yes, but sometimes it is important to get back to the painful memories in time and just to move that stone of oblivion. Remembering is important to prevent new tragedies, as well as commemorate those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of life and humanity. This is important for both eyewitnesses who have lived through Chernobyl and for descendants who are fortunate enough to know a little about the tragedy.

The charitable marathon "Remember" was aimed to draw the attention to the largest man-made catastrophe, discussing Chernobyl's chronology, learning lessons from the past tragedy, as well as raising funds for the medical equipment purchase for children suffering from malignant blood conditions from all over Ukraine. The Marathon has taken place with the assistance of famous theatre directors, musicians, writers, artists, and photographers.

During the Marathon, classical, jazz, and rock concerts, documentaries, theatrical and street performances, photo exhibitions, installations, children's performances, eco-events have been held in a number of Kyiv locations.

Concert-opening - the children's choir "Vesnivka": "The Good Wins";
Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography introduced a multimedia project "1986", which featured portraits and interviews with 25 Chernobyl liquidators and 25 young people born in 1986;
Screening of a silent improvisation film by jazzman Yurii Kuznetsov from Odessa;
Performance "Protection" from the DAKH Contemporary Art Centre;
Performance "Happiness" by the New Drama Theatre on Pechersk;
Concert "The Angel's Song" (Razumovsky Quartet and soloists of the Chamber New Era Orchestra). The concert was opened by "The Requiem for Chernobyl Victims" created by Ukrainian composer Yurii Zolotarenko in memory of those who died during the tragedy;
Demonstration of short films : "The Unforgettable" (directed by Mykhailo Nazarenko, Pripyat-Film), "The Story of Leonid" (directed by Rainer Ludwigs and Tetiana Cherniavska), "The Sacrifice" (directed by A. Tarkovsky), "The Chornobyl Bell", "The Prophet", "Dead Man's Letters", as well as "Off-Air", "Tokyo Story", etc.;
Candlelight tribute on Maidan Nezalezhnosti on the day and time of the beginning of the disaster. The event was joined by Oslo, China (Dalian), Great Britain (Bridgewait, Somerset, Lancaster), the USA (Amherst, Northampton), and Finland (Loviisa, Turku, Helsinki);
Children's installations "The Dome of Hope" and "The Room of Wishes" in the bomb shelter;
Rock concert featuring performances by TARUTA, Domra, Shopping Hour, and Haydamaky together with Tenpoint VJs (the bands performed the song "It Seems to Me", the video of which was shot in Pripyat and Chernobyl, and the cover on "Toxicity" by the band System of a Down);
Film performance "Everybody Has Got Their Own Chernobyl".
*The funds raised during the Marathon have been earmarked for the apparatus for storing and mixing blood components, the value of which is 152,800 hryvnias, for the Centre for Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation.





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