Ukrainian Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023, Tbilisi

 28-30 April, 2023 TbilisiUkraine+ Sakartvello. Side by side

Ukrainian Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2023 Tbilisi Georgia
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The topic of the festival: Ukraine + Sakartvelo. Side by side!
2023 -It's been more than a year since the perfidious full-scale invasion of russian federation to Ukraine. This war ruined the life of every Ukrainian, all our country and caused global changes worldwide.The world divided in white and black, in Light and dark.On the one hand, the civilized world has witnessed unheard in the 21st century ferocity and barbarism, genocide of the Ukrainian people, crimes against humanity and total violation of the norms of international law.On the other hand, all people of democratic world have united against russist evil and stand for defense of the values that have been declared from distinguished podiums for years -freedom, value of the human life, right for self-determination and independence. Today these values are gaining their true meaning again. War in Ukraine is more than the war against blood thirsty occupant, it is the fight for democratic and universal human values.Ukraine is on the front line in this battle fighting for these values for the whole world and pays an extremely high price for Victory of Light over imperial evil.The victory of Ukraine will become a driving force to global changes, with Georgia in the first place. Georgia that survived the war with russian federation, knows not by hearsay what occupation, russist ferocity and genocide look like. In 2008, when rf unleashed the war against Georgia, this small country was alone facing the imperial monster; the world again turned a blind eye on it and continued living as usual.Craven compromises, the desire to stay in the comfort zone, longstanding impunity for rf crimes led to the war of annihilation in the XXI century. United world will defeat rushism, Light will defeat dark!
We held the Ukrainian Art Festival “Bouquet Kyiv Stage” in Tbilisi in the name of uniting Ukrainians and Kartvelian, people of Light who are fighting against imperial evil.  Through the language of art, Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival was aimed at:● Expressing gratitude to those conscious fre● freedom-loving Georgians who call themselves Kartvelians. Despite pro-russian position of the Georgian government, Kartvelain support Ukraine in the war against rushists. Many volunteers from Georgia who joined the International Legion have been defending Ukraine since the first day of the full-scale invasion. These warriors are ready to sacrifice the most valuable thing -their life for the Victory of Ukraine.
● Honoring the Georgian warriors who perished in the war in Ukraine and supporting their families through festival charity events.Upholding the Kartvelian spirit of freedom, invincibility and confidence that the united civilized world is ready to finally root out russian imperial evil.
● Uniting Ukrainians and Kartvelian through cultural exchange and co-creativity.
● Presenting the world-class level of Ukrainian and Georgian cultures that have been displaced from the world cultural map for decades by imperial russia.
● Raising money to support families of the Heroes- Kartvelian who perished in the war in Ukraine.
Events of the festival:
Concert “Ukraine + Sakartvelo. Side by side” The performance of the Chamber Orchestra of the Tbilisi State Theater of Opera and Ballet "Operna Camerata" in collaboration with Ukrainian musicians.Concert "Thriving to the Light" The Chamber Quire "Kyiv" Conductor Mykhola Gobdych - Tbilisi Women's Choir (Georgia) Conductor: Omar BurduliFilm "Warriors of the World - Warriors of Light" (eng.)
Photo Albums:Memory Action "Chervona Kalyna"The play "In the dark"The exhibition "Warriors of the World - Warriors of Light"





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