"Engaged with time" by Fedir Vozianov

A mystery fashion show 

A mystery fashion show presenting a new collection of clothes created by Fedir Vozianov, a designer and researcher, which will be conducted in collaboration with the Rulla Voita duo.
Specifically for this event, the Rulla Voita duo of the violinist Oleksandra Vasylieva and percussionist Dmytro Ulianov is preparing a refined musical programme. In it, everlasting masterpieces of classical and contemporary music will be interwoven in a spatial improvisation here-and-now, a metronome – a symbol of time measurement – will turn into a musical instrument, and the violin and various percussion instruments – into the priests serving in the Temple of Time.
We would like to keep details of the performance secret, as the essence of any ritual is revealed only at the time of the direct involvement into it. As for the forthcoming fashion show, we would like to cite its author:
"When we are born, time gives each of us a promise which we will never forget and which will never be fulfilled. With age, our relations with time change, but our childhood belief in eternity and the impossibility of death will not leave us throughout our entire life.
The "Engaged With Time" collection is my a priori feeble attempt to stop time or at least to get it to run in the opposite direction at least for a couple of seconds. Does the expected failure decrease my certainty as regards its expedience? Luckily, so far it does not."
Fedir Vozianov

The fashion collection "Engaged with Time" continued its journey through time in the format of an exhibition in the National Reserve "Sofia Kyivska" (Hlibnya Hall) in 2022. At the exhibition, we actually encountered a special sense of time. an opportunity to feel the mystery, or even to get a new reading of new selves. The exhibition was a continuation of the fashion show at the "Bouquet Kyiv Stage -2021" festival, and was also successfully held in Oxford, Great Britain during the "Bouquet Kyiv Stage -2022" festival





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